Sunday, September 30, 2007

You still love me..

With the cool rush of Autumn chill closing in the heart finds it's voice. Choosing to speak only at eveningfall where all is quite and still. I close my eyes to slumber and listen....

Staring at you eye to eye, seeking for some sign of where I stand, where I fit into your world. hoping I can fit into your world. Suddenly I am watching the moonlight dance across your face and see you smile, feeling you squeeze my hand before you vanish, taking my heart with you. Having seen a living angel sleeping beside me while mile after mile passes, knowing I will never see her again and hoping for time to stand still.

Walking beside a river, watching the leaves begin the final journey from the tops of trees. Stealing a glimpse of your face as your eyes and smile trace their erratic paths across the forest. Wanting to say so much to you but no words come. Not knowing which way to go. Seeing the sunset and knowing I am out of time. You turn to me and smile. I stand in awe at what I see. I take a step and you are gone.....again.

Searching through an empty heart until you came into my life. Now laughter echoes off these barren walls bringing warmth and love to such a barren places. Finaly I speak everything I never did before. Nothing held back...Hearing you say everything within your heart.

You still love my dreams. The tears at daybreak are a constant reminder of what I had, what i felt, what I let go.