Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wayfarers Journey: Mt Rainier, 2012

Two visits in July yielded two vastly different moods on the mountain. The first trip was rainy, cold, windy and fit my needs perfectly. We entered from the west side of the mountain. Clouds hid the summit and most all of the higher peaks but shrouded the lower elevations with a beautiful cloak of silver and gray. I went to work shooting everything knowing that I wouldn't get another chance at this set up while here. The storm system would pass and in two days I returned via Chinook Pass on the eastern side under a deep blue and cloudless sky. Few things in my life have moved me to being speechless. This was one of those times that words nor pictures could do this area justice.

In these two pictures I actually captured a team of climbers small black circles) making a try at the summit. I do not know if they were involved in the recovery effort that day.
During our visit there was a recovery mission in progress. A Park Ranger had lost his life earlier that month while rescuing other climbers on the mountain. It was several days before his body was located and even longer until conditions improved to allow a recovery and taken off the mountain by helicopter on the northern side that day. Flags were at half mast in honor of his sacrifice..

I shot 3527 pictures while covering Northwest Washington. Many were duplicates and many never make the cut. But many more did and I will be posting them over the next several weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wayfarers Journey 2012: Washington State

 As mentioned earlier, me and my wife traveled to the beautiful state of Washington. Visiting Seattle, Northern Coast, Neah Bay, Mt Rainier region and the Yakima/ Naches area. Total shot count for two cameras was 3,527 and I am still culling pictures. Will be posting pics as I can get to them. Back in the world of bills and having to work isn't fun at all. Enjoy the pics!!