Thursday, December 11, 2008

(Insert Cheesy smile)

Looks like Michelle is back in business!! Good to see her up and at'em. When I saw the comments on my previous posts and huge smile came across my face. Glad to see ya back in action Chelle!! Stop by and say hello to her!
I have added a new Wayfarer here on Wayfarers Journey. I want to welcome Angie from "Photos for the fun of it".
I have known Angie as a friend/contact over at MyBlogLog for sometime. Her avitar of the "smilin pig" always kept me smiling when I would visit. Welcome Angie!


Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

O Rick... thanks! I'm so happy to be back! Slowly but surely I'm making my rounds and you were my first because your photography makes me feel right at home...

Linda S. Socha said...

Glad to note the return of you blogger friend and the addition of your new one. I love the new banner photo!

Rick said...

So glad your back Michelle!! (Huggs!) Get rested up. lookin forward to more pics from God's country.

Linda: Glad you like the picture. took a little while to find the right one. I swap out every few weeks. Its getting harder to find these hidden places due to development.