Saturday, January 31, 2009

Norfolk Southern Comfort II

Being I spent some time down at the Riverwalk in Albany, I just had to stop by one of my favorite places and once again feel like an 8 year old..;-)


Michele said...

Well, looky here! I have neglected to come here and to most blogs because I haven't been feeling so well but you have nudged me with one word- "trains" and I had come runnin' over here as fast as I could and I'm so glad I did!!
Rick, you have made me smile once again!
I miss the trains as here it is pretty snowy and icy and the trains are pretty much blecchy and these photos are fantastic.
Details and clarity are amazing!!!
Very nice!!!

Rick said...

Michelle: I didn't tell you as I wanted you to come bee bopping along and it be a surprise to you...Mission accomplished!! LOL!!