Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friends, Romans, Wayfarers....

Had a chance to catch up on everyone's blogs and I must say you guys have been busy..I feel shamed! LOLOL! I want to announce that updates on here will be scarce in the coming days weeks and months as I have taken a second job. I already work my usual 24 hour EMS shift and now I will be working at a local theme park as an EMT-I for the rest of the year. This is going to curtail my photo trips, storm chasing and free time to almost nothing. I do this in order to get some bills paid off this year and get out of debt if possible. It is hard to put my photography on the back burner as I love my photo road trips and the freedom to pack up and be gone for days at my on calling. I will have days off but few and far between. I do have a final wedding to shoot as even my videography business will be shutting down for this year. Fortunately it is an area up in the North Georgia mountains that I love and is dear to me and I plan to enjoy a few days before the wedding before the Wayfarer has to "drive up a stob" and spend sometime off the back roads. Not going to disappear, still be around... I will see the world through your blog pages and will post whenever I can... Rick


Michele said...

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose.
As long as you take care of yourself while you are doing it and you enjoy your job, that's important.
The theme park job sounds kind of interesting... I could see that being kind of busy at times...
I'm a little confused on the EMT-1. I know that's slightly different here in Canada whereas we usually say paramedics...where does that stand with that... is that not quite that level or are you qualified if you came to Canada...? I was just wondering.

Either way... I will miss your photos but hope to hear from you once in a while. Come by and say hello. I would like that.

dot said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoy your new job.
I love your header picture and the train. You always have the nicest train shots!

Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I hope this time provides you the opportunity to accomplish what you feel is important. Your blog is worth seeing anytime you post!