Wednesday, March 11, 2009

work and play..

Turtles and planes..Woo hoo!!

I have found out that I get a few weeks off until my second job kicks in, so I have a little time to shoot pics. I have decided to hit the road for some pics in late April. Everything should be bloomed out enough for some good shots.
I even shot some pics while at work. We recently moved to another station in a nearby town. We rotate shifts between the the two stations. This new station is about 50 feet from a Norfolk Southern mainline. When the train comes through it is moving very fast, around 65 mph! It shakes the building! LOL! I decided to capture some shots as it came by. One finally came by that night and stood out beside the tracks. I was about 15 feet from the tracks when it came by...Sheeesh! That is not a good feeling to have something that big and powerful blow right by you..LOLOLOL!! I messed up the shot of the lead locomotive thus missing it and the shot I wanted. (got a little greedy and it cost me) but I will be ready next week when I go.

Train was about a mile and a half away in this shot.
It was carrying containers bound for Jacksonville Fla. Night time exposure shots are fun to play with..


Petunia said...

Lots of great shots here Rick!
It's busy here too.. I have started a Norwgegian editin of ABC Wednesday: "ABC i ord og bilder" (ABC in words and pictures) and the first round did so well. I didn't annonced it so much but 74 people signed up on "A".
That's so fun!

Michele said...

Oh whoa... super cool. I love standing by the tracks as these guys come whipping by but it makes for crappy photos! LOL. But it freaks ya out and everyone else watching as they think I'm too close.. bah! =)
I love the adrenaline rush... lololol.
I'm glad you got some time off and I'm wishing I could go around with you to take photos...
Your train series here is awesome!

Rick said...

Thanks Chelle! Would love to come shoot pics up there one day! ;-)

Petunia: You have been very busy over there on your blog. Way to go!! keep up the great work. Springtime is not to far away for you!