Monday, April 6, 2009

Air and Water..

My good friend Jennifer was married here at Dick's Creek, just north of Dahlonaga Georgia this past Saturday. It was a lovely wedding. It was an honor to be her videographer. Wishing her and Bill a wonderful and happy marriage!

Covering 950 miles in three days. Needing to get out and away. Found some wonderful places to shoot this Fall. My travels brought me back through the Little river Canyon area. The river was roaring from all the heavy rain we have had here in the south. It made for beautiful pictures. I also spent time over at Desoto Falls in Mintone Alabama, just east of Ft Payne. My first time there and the water was spectacular.

While waiting for some storms to move out of Mississippi to chase in Tuscaloosa Alabama I had the pleasure of having two of the Navy's Blue Angels scream over head while practicing for an upcoming airshow. We were about a mile from the airport and right in their flight path. they would fly by at approximately 400+ mph at about 400ft. It was fun trying to capture them with a 300mm zoom. Click on the pics for a closer look.


Linda S. Socha said...

Beautiful...LOVE the blue

Rick said...

Glad you like them. It was a blast trying to capture the shots!

Dewdrop said...

big cheese grin... thanks, Rick! Gorgeous falls you visited!!

Rick said...

It was an honor Dew...;-)