Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feelin fine...finally.

Back home and already one EMS shift behind me. Rested today as I am enjoying being able to sleep without fevers and aches. So nice! Posting the pics I took down at Nichols Lake last Thursday. It was the perfect day for just watching the sun set. Everything was quiet and peaceful...


Dewdrop said...

I never tire of that place! Great shots. Where is the dam?

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Rick said...

Dam is about a a mile or two down the road right past Barwick Rd. There hasn't been any water going over it in a long time but with all this rain it is now. The dam at Nichols was breached in the center and they almost lost the lake. Had a nice chat with Mr Nichols that day and he said they have to raise the whole dam one foot or more.

Michele said...

What a pretty place indeed! And your photos of the water rushing over the dam is crazy cool!
I love the little perch fish popping up to say hi!
I am so happy to hear you are doing well and that you have beat the infection! Yay... now don't do that again! You really had me worried!