Monday, May 4, 2009

On my way...

On my way home I stopped by a railroad crossing up in the mountains. (You know I love trains) Its way out of the way and it was so quiet with nothing but the sound of the wind. Its at the top of a long grade and the trains passing through are usually in a hard pull. I timed it perfectly as within 20 minutes I heard one at the bottom in the distance getting ready to make the attempt.
Coming around the corner in a very hard pull was a loaded freight, bound for Atlanta..

...on the lead was a leased Conrail Dash 8 with two Dash 9 "ponies" running Norfolk Southern colors, as it is a Norfolk Southern line. All three units were at full throttle and only doing about 10mph. It was quite a show to see and feel as the ground was shaking..

..over the top and its all down hill for a while.

Earlier in the day I spent some time on the back roads. My favorite thing to do..Just roaming around, looking at the beauty, scouting for a future shoot...Welcome to my world.


Michele said...

Your train photos are impressive... you have such an artistic way of putting them into perspective, I like that. Very nice, indeed.
I like your world, wish I could see it in person.

Take care.

Rick said...

I wish i could spend a week in yours..I love your pics of the Rockies! ;-)