Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cant take it any longer..

...cleaned off my schedule for the next four days. Leaving as soon as my truck is serviced in the morning. The final destination is unknown tonight but the area is somewhere in the mountains of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina or Tennessee..Wish I could say that this was a true road trip for pictures. But sometimes you just have to get far away and recharge and pictures and video aren't a priority. A "fortress of solitude" awaits somewhere..I am sure pics will be taken but not going to worry about getting "the shot"..

...updates as and if they come.. A wayfarers journey begins again..


Linda S. Socha said...

And so it goes. Respite awaits

Susanne49 said...

I know, it's longtime since I have visited your blog - traveling is very time consuming for me, but beautiful!

I LOVED North Carolina very much and would even think about to settle down in Asheville - one day, but not before I have seen all the other States too...LOL..

...and I LOVE your header on this blog! A perfect shot, Rick!

Thanks for your visits to my blog, very much appreciated.
Sue's Daily Photography

Rick said...

Sue, that header was taken over in Dillsboro NC! Very beautiful place!

Hang in there Linda!! I am already needing another restful respite..;-)