Saturday, July 18, 2009

...just for a moment, it felt like home...

Here are a few pics from my recent road trip this week. I covered parts of the North Georgia, North Carolina and the Tennessee mountains. I had to make an out of the way stop over in Centre Alabama but shot no pics as I was way behind schedule and just had to drop something off to a friend. lots of pics to posted over the next several days. Hope you enjoy them!

Haiwassee River
Looking northeast from Elijay Ga.

Beautiful sunset over Elijay Ga.
Near Etowah Tennessee

Looking east from Starr Mountain, near Etowah Tennessee

I have a lot of pics edit and then post, but i am also very tired from 4 days on the road. Will be posting more though next week as i can go over them...Back to the real world for now..

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Michele said...

Stunning... what more can I say?