Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arc Angels....

A lone storm provided me with some entertainment this evening. Although a very prolific lightning producer, almost all was hidden behind the rain shaft in the core of the storm. Still it was worth it!!


Star Fyre le Fae said...

Wow! Beautiful images! Great blog in general, I love how your pictures have almost an antique feel to them. You're a wonderful photographer, keep up the good work!

Rick said...

Thanks for stopping by! It's a labor of love and it's nice to create a small escape for someone passing by! Have a great evening!!

Valerie said...

Neat shots! We had a horrific lightening storm the other night. For several hours it seemed as if the sky was lit up every other second. Sometimes there was so much it lasted for 4 or 5 seconds at a time. Often the lightening went horizontal across the sky instead of in lines coming down to the earth. It was to scary for me to even attempt pulling my camera out. It was evening and into the night. We lost power for several hours. We have a huge picture window in your family room and I wanted more to just crawl in a hole and wait for it to stop instead of continuing to watch it light up the room.

I am curious how you got these. I have read about getting lightening shots, and actually tried once, when the storm was far away. Did you use the bulb setting, or did you just keep clicking ... hoping for a shot?

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

They are beautiful photos... awesome captures Rick.
We have had unbelievable lightning storms out here in the Rockies in BC.
Night after night after night after night due to the intense daytime heating.
I can say for once in my life, I have actually been angered by them... LOL... merely for the fact for the fires they have created, and for the lack of sleep I have been getting!

Rick said...

Michelle: Get out and get some lightning shots! ;-) Would be awesome to see the mountains as a backdrop!

Valareie. Se the camera to a setting where you can adjust the apeture. Focus on a a fairly nearby light source. When the camera is focused switch off the automatic focus and put it on manual. open the shutter and i should stay open about 10-15 secs. If the lightning is to close it will white out the shot. Add a dark filter as it get closer to you..hopes this helps a little..I learned by trial a nd error..

Star Frye; Thanks for stopping by!! Glad you like my work!!