Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thunder in the hills...(For Michelle)

Waiting on a siding for a north bound local to pass before heading on south towards Chatsworth..
Trying to outrun a rainstorm north of Chatsworth..
2 Dash 9 units in a very hard pull here...(Ground shaking hard pull)..
3 Units (2 Dash 9s and an SD 40) with an empty coal train heading south near the Hiawassee River..

"High Ballin" south...

Never grew out of the love of railroads..A major CSX line runs through this area and I never have gotten a chance to take wait and capture them as they pass through. I plan to work an area with a Norfolk Southern line this Fall somewhere in the mountians, just dont know where yet....


Anonymous said...

I reviewed back to June and your summer photos provide a wonderful reflection into the simple basics of life... ones I often forget about. Thanks for the beautiful journey, you are extremely talented and I enjoy looking through you lens.


Rick said...

Thanks for taking time to look around TB..This is my escape in life. Sadly I cant seem escape enough..

Home exchange said...

These photos are all so romantic. I love the moody sky and the way the fog hangs over the trains. :)

Rick said...

I love to travel when it's raining, but not to hard. gives the landscape a different feel and look ;-) Thanks for stopping by and looking around!!

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Ahh... love 'em... I was hopin' to see these and they look fantastic! You captured the train's essence nicely and to even have those rainy skies as the backdrop adds great character to these bad boys! I love it when these guys shake the ground... awesome!
Thanks Rick!

(I'm sorry I'm late, I wuz not feeling so hot... )


Rick said...

I read you blog and was worried bout ya..;-) Was thinking how much you would have liked to have been here!!