Monday, September 21, 2009

A new day has begun..

Sorry for the lack of updates on here as I have been very busy. Well looks like things are going to get even busier in my life. I received word that my offer for photography and videography work for my company has been accepted... So the title "Corporate Photographer has been given to me...Its a title that I wonder if i am really ready for..To late to second guess myself now though... I am very excited and also very nervous about this. It is a chance to travel and make money doing what I love. Spending this week getting things together, scheduling shoots with the company and seeing what other photo equipment might need to be purchased. Still planning the Fall trip this year and cant wait to hit the road for that. Will be posting some of my favorite pics from past shoots over the next few days..



Valerie said...

Hey Rick - Congratulations! That sound very exciting (and scary) for you. I wish you much success. My husband and I are always telling our kids how important it is to love what you do. I know as an elementary music teacher I do love what I do - and even though it is hard to go to work every day, knowing I have so many responsibilities at home, I do love the kids and the successes that they have.

I loved when you said "and seeing what other photo equipment might need to be purchased" Oh how I could make a shopping list of those kinds of items!

In all seriousness though I do truly wish you the best. Congratulations!

Rick said...

Thank you so much Valerie! So much to do in a short amount of time..Yes, I could think of tons of things to buy, but for now going to put my older gear to work and maybe purchase new cameras next year..All my video gear is brand new and just sitting here, waiting...