Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation Interupted...

Well I was able to get on the road arrive at my destination and then come down with a nasty cold, thus forcing me to cancel my vacation and come home. Yes this really does stink! Its a long time or so it seems until Fall gets here but I guess I will have to wait. I did manage a few pictures yesterday before the fever got to much for me and i had to return to my hotel room for some medicine. After a rough night of tossing and turning in bed with a fever I felt better the next day. I was torn about leaving and almost stayed. The water levels were to low on the river for a kayak trip and I didn't want to get my friends sick with the cold, so I chose to return home. I made the right choice because as of this moment the cold has returned with a vengeance and brought a low fever with it. Here are some of the pics I took while roaming around ....Enjoy!

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