Friday, December 10, 2010

Abby is home..

Fresh from the body shop and shining like a new dime...Missed having my baby..And for those of you who are curious where her name came from? The TV show "NCIS" ...There is a character named Abby....

Merry Christmas all!!


Petunia said...

Abby is a nice name and I really like to watch NCIS. Every day at 1700 there is a new episode!! My favorite is Jethro;)( First it was Dinozzo, but he is too young, isn't he;)
Maybe I call my Volvo V70 for Jethro!!! Or just Gibbs:)
Abby rules!!

Rick said...

Thats so funny Petunia..Yes, name your Volvo, Jethro!! LOL!