Monday, April 18, 2011

Ghost Out 2011 "Dont Drink And Drive"

(This is the first cut of this video. When the final edit is done I will post it as soon as I can.)

I had the honor of being the photographer on this event. My Ems service sponsored this "Ghost Out" event a couple of weeks ago in Zebulon Ga. It is done there at the high school with everyone in attendance. It is concerning drinking and driving and portrays a two vehicle accident that involves teenagers and a family. Some make it, some don't and the "Grim Reaper" is there to collect whom he will. The teenagers dressed in white in the background represent teens that are killed everyday due to drinking and driving. They are not allowed to talk, text or communicate in any way with anyone while at school for that day, as they are "dead." This event involved several departments from local first Responders, Fire, Law Enforcement, Emory Air Flight from Atlanta and my Ems service, Mid Georgia Ambulance. It shows how a scene is worked from the time it occurs until the victims are removed and taken away. If you have children, please let them watch this. At one point I had to stop shooting and walk away, tears streaming down my face. I am an EMT-I and have seen things I wish I hadn't and this still slammed me very hard.

Please Don't Drink And Drive....

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