Sunday, December 27, 2009

Remembering when..

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My first attempt at making a video.. Sony High 8 Digital cam with a cheap Wal- Mart Tripod. No external controls so my hand had to be on the camera working the zoom at all times. Also the time I was learning about editing and video quality when saving the video so its a little rough..But the scenery was inspiring..I hope to remake this video in 2010...

(Music by Josh Groban)

Same road trip, using the same but some additional footage.

(Music by Enya)


Patrina said...

nice music, Rick, but I couldn't see the video :(

Patrina <')>><

Patrina said...

Rick. The first video was georgeous! Thank you. But wanted to let you know that it is the 2nd one that does not play.

Rick said...

Patrina, I tried both and they play on this end..don't know what wrong..;-(