Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Fly Time!

Banking to the left to make a run down the Chattahoochee riverSorry for the delay in postings. Hoped everyone had a safe New Years last night. As promised from my earlier post here are shots from my Air Evac helicopter shoot!

Left bank across I-185
Looking across the northern section of columbus Ga..

Remains of an old cotton warehouse. It burned for 3 days..
Looking west over the Chattahoochee river into AlabamaChris, the man in charge at 1000 feet..
Airport in the distance as we head back...
Final approach..


Patrina said...

Great shot, Rick. Glad I found your site :)

~ Patrina <')>><

Rick said...

Thanks for stopping by Patrina!! Welcome!!