Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still waiting...wondering...

On the road yet again.

Tonight and tomorrow in Columbus Ga and then back to work 24 hours. The good news is that I have the weekend off and will spend it it going going over video and camera gear and packing for one more road trip then on to vacation. The bad news is that I may not get the Fall shots due to timing. I will be heading back up to northern Alabama and areas nearby but the colors haven't made it that far south and I have obligations in the state. Maybe a couple more weeks and they would be. But due to my shooting schedule for my company I don't have the time in November to head back up. I will be spending some time with a friend and will be having a great time no doubt. I will have one day of shooting to myself. This means making a run for the areas shot this April and only one day to shoot them. I hate rushing things when on a shoot. So there are a lot of variables in the mix. May just go with the flow and just unwind and not worry bout "nuthin".....course you know a camera wont be far from my reach ;-)